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Get Maintenance on Your AC in the Off Season in Palm Springs

Daikin A/C unit outside a residential building in Rialto, CA

Regular maintenance costs a fraction of the cost of repair or replacement. Think of all the money you would save as well as the inconvenience factor that comes along with a broken AC unit.

One of the common AC mistakes people make is calling an A/C professional only when the unit is already broken. Only 42% of homeowners hire a professional to conduct routine maintenance on their air conditioning systems.

This is why our customers love our maintenance packages. They are inexpensive and effective for keeping your system running at optimal output.

Longer Lifespan

Similar to other types of machinery, air conditioners can last for a long time if properly maintained. According to the survey, units with regular maintenance last up to 40% longer than those that don’t.

Air conditioners are expensive, and you surely want to recover your expenses and more. Routine maintenance will return your investment and provide you with priceless comfort.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Poorly maintained units tend to have more serious problems than those that are checked by professionals on a regular basis. A small glitch can easily turn into a financial catastrophe if ignored for a long time. Routine maintenance lets you unravel problems while they are still in their early stages.

Delivers the Comfort You Paid For

A loose or broken component can prevent your AC from delivering comfort to your home. If the unit has issues, you will keep on paying for high energy bills, but your living space is still uncomfortable.

Prevents Surprises

You do not want the A/C to break down in the middle of a sweltering day or during an important occasion, right?
Regular A/C maintenance prevents these unwanted surprises by allowing you to find little issues before they turn into big problems.

Saves More Money

Preventive maintenance helps the unit to function at its top efficiency for a long time. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average savings can run up to 30%.

Faster and Safer to Hire an AC Expert

Sunrise A/C technicians are familiar with all types of air conditioning systems. They do not have to glance at the manual now and then, allowing timely completion. They also have the proper safety gear needed for any type of A/C service.